me & madison

Monday, December 04, 2006

The last while has been crazy and fun. madi has been home every weekend for the last 4 weeks and it has been AWESOME , my favorite thing to do is hang out with my beautiful 4year old.
It has had it's challenges she is on a medication that causes extreme tempertanturms in children and unruly behaviour, and it's been pretty frustrating, but it finally looks like the levels are adjusting and she is getting back to normal --Thank god!
So lately we have been keeping busy we went and saw the movie Happy Feet--Iwouldn't recommend it in the theaters it was good but more the type you'd rent instead. went to a few christmas partie, shopping visiting , today Madi and I went to the Mandarin for dinner(awesome) and evan more awesome is kids 4 and under are only 2 dollars!!!after we met up with Rob for a snowball fight. last weekend we went to the hespelr santa parade not as big as the hespler road one but not crowded at all-perfect for little ones, we went with 3 of her friends, We have been going on many drives looking at all the christmas lights there seems to be so many more decorated houses this year, work is crazy busy I usally work 4 shifts a week-this week I have 9( open and close shifts the sane day!) and those 9 shifts are with me still having wednesday off to volunteer in her class-- which I love! today we also volunteered at the school library sorting books and delivering them to the classes Madi loves doing this. But best of all was tonight she made me so proud, we were outside and she was drawing in the snow with a stick and decided she better write her name in it so people would know where she lived she wrote her name and then right under it wrote MOM all by herself!!! and announced I had to write your name to so your friends will know where you are. I think i might go take a picture of it -corny yes, but I was so surprised I didn't know she knew how to do that. She learns so much every day and all of a sudden looks so much more grown up , well I 'd better get ready for bed tomorrow we have swim lessons then dance on the next day.