me & madison

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Last weekend as a special starting school thing Rob and I took Madi and her friend Emma to Marineland. The girls LOVED it, we -- definatly tired but had a great day we let them do everthing countless rides, feed deer, feed bears fed and pet a beluga whale, watched the dolphin show twice!, watched the walruses shake their booty ( as Madi put it) got splased by the killer whales had the most amazing time and the girls were soooo good! but wow Marineland is very expensive

Madison has been so busy lately --school has started it's hard to belive my baby is in kindergarten, she generally loves it , but not so much today it was the first time she cried when I went to leave, and I really didn't want to go , but she'll get more used to it. She is in a JK/SK split and there is only 5 JK kids in her class so they are starting to learn to read already , words can't explain how you feel the first time you see your child trying to sound out the words to read. were also busy with swimming and acro-dance class which is a gymnastics dance combo class and skating lessons start soon. we held off on her gymnastics traing until winter I didn't want to try to fit in 8 hrs a week traing as well as school started so were taking abreak to get in a routine.
Every night we sit down and do her homework--YES homework in JK nothing major but I guess they start a lot earlier now and then she likes to play school with her stuffed animals---She's busy taking attendance right now( bear , moose, baby, shrek , big puppy , little puppy ) -yep their all there--Too cute!!! I love her so much!

madisons first few days of school