me & madison

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Well last weekend was so busy, anyone out there with kids actully have time to just relax and do nothing? here's a breakdown of our weekend, Friday, I picked Madi up from her daycare went to the mall to find her new summer shoes, found a pair a zellers foe only 9 bucks!! after we went to Rob's to have dinner then walked up to the movie place and rented 2 movies to watch before bed. Saturday we woke up and went to the market in st.jacobs, this took most of hte morning came home had lunch went back to rob's did some cleaning and then we went out for dinner to applebees, and then to the movies to see The Wild(which sucked) after we took Madi into the mall because Rob wanted to buy a new toy she picked out a stuffed puppy, while at Zellers Rob and Madi found a battery powered go-cart just like those jeeps they have for kids, i turned around to see them zooming through the store on it, I'm not sure which one of them liked it more, after about an hour of htis Rob decides he wants to buy it for Madi, so he went and found a store guy it was 290.00 which he didn't think was to bad but they had run out of them and the floor model was not for sale but they're planning on getting more in soonh, I'm not so sure what I think about the go-cart but there will deffinatly have to be some rules, after we went back home to robs we've been organizing and moving things around his sister and 3 1/2 year old neice and cat are moviing in this week for a few months,--poor guy he'll haveme , madi his siter , neice a dog and a cat and two fish tanks, he went from a total bachelor life and house two years ago to this, personally I think it'll drive him nuts, but oit'll be nice having alexis there to play with Madi all the time. Then Sunday morning we woke up went out for breakfeast, then to Rob's mom's work she works in a garage that fixes transport trucks so Madi got to go in one and play with all the buttons, prettend to drive it she was amazed that it had a bed , tv and microwave after that it was off to Rona to get building stuff Madi got to play spin and win and they gave her a baloon she thinks she won that she actully won a 25% off coupon for Rob , after that it was snack time so we went to Tim horton's for donuts and then to do grocery's Ilove doing grocery's when food basics has it's dollar sale, then we played outside drawing with chalk and playing soccer and hopscotch, until dinner and we all went to mom and neils's for dinner with John and Kim too, after back to Robs for ice cream sundae's and then got ready for the week and to bed, this is a basic example of our average weekend and people wonder why I don't call very often I 'm just too busy all the time.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Madison did great agymnastics, she makes me so proud! she's been taking gymnastics at the cambrdige kips for a while now it amazes me to see her doing flips on bars, sommer saults on beams, flips on rings landing in perfect stance and today they were learning a new flippy thing on the trampoline and dhe was the only one that could do it...first try.. she's in the beginner class and her coach has told me in September to put her in the advanced class which is for age 6 and up even though she's only 4 because her skill level is there, you always think your own child is the best but it's nice when coaches confirm how good they are!! I also got told by her coach about a dance company that is staring tryouts for a type of gymnastic/dance class and her caoch is running the try-outs and wants me to bring madi to it, so we'll check it out and see what we think.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Well, today is the first time Shawn has visitation on a Thursday night , it it's so weird not picking up Madison from daycare and coming home without her, you'd think I would be used to it being that she goes to his house on the weekends, but this feels different just not right,I guess I'll get used to it after awhile but today it sucks! I bought all the Easter candy today and it was 30.00!!! and I didn't even get very much , Rob and I want to also get her a new bike helmet and elbow and knee pads , but every where I go is sold out , hopefully we'll figure something else. I treid to convince Rob to dress up as the Easter Bunny's they have pretty good costumes in hespler but no luck, actully I'm pretty sure there is no chance ever of that! (who wouldn't want to wear a furry hot smelly costume?)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Well, we decided today that the Easter Bunny is coming one week early, Easter fslls on Madison's dad's weekend so as usual he's a jerk and won't let her come home on Easter, so Rob and I told her we were going to call the Easter Bunny and see if he could come early. Then Madison asked if she could have his phone number(she already loves to phone people)0I can't tell you how many times I walk in and she's on the phone and she's 4!!! anyways we has to tell her that his phone number is secret and if a grown up tells it to a kid then we would go to jail, this she accepted. So this weekend we planned a slumber parrty at Rob's even the dog has to wear pj's and then the easter bunny will arrive

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Look at her style!!

Photos from Heather

Big sister Heather here, I'm going to upload a couple of photos from my computer for Bonnie!

A couple years old, but full of mischief

She loved her new socks so much she wanted to have them ALL on!

Christmas morning at home!

Madison on her 4th birthday January 2006
well, it's only tuesday and it feels like it's been a long week already , damn timechange! tomorrow's are day off but were up early as Madison has gymnastics at the kips, I never knew how much 4 year old's would learnhtere and every week I'm amazed at the skill (escpecially Madison's!!) were getting ready for Easter this Saturda we'll be going to the Easter Bunny Bash at the library (things I never pictured myself doing on a Saturday morning)but it'll be fun there's nothing in the world like the look on your child's face as they meet the mystical creatures such as Santa, easter bunny or chuck.e cheese!! okay .. I'm not sure if he's very mystical but deffinatly a creature of some sort, I can't seem to figure out how to post pic's yet but when I do look out!!
Well, I'm going to try to do this blog for my sister and family to keep caught up with Madison and myself's busy life and eventully get pictures up for all to see my angel