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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Well me and Madi are as busy as ever, her dad still a jerk on sunday when he was returning her to me was met by 2 officers one detained him while the other brought Madi to me-- long story --- but He's learning I won't put up with any crap. to be blunt , then late that night baby sitter called she's sick so i called mom to babysit on Monday -thank-god for grand ma's!! Finished work picked Madi up at Mom's came home , dinner and then while madi was dancing in the kitchen she fell cut the back of her head open ( they aren't kidding when they say head wounds bleed a lot) trip to the doctors, she says after a quick look no stiches needed. but she scared me good. then i woke up every 2 hours to make sure Madi was ok and ask her questions. Long night. Poor kid her head just kept re- bleeding and it got stuck to a pillow! being the cut is at the back in the midle of her hair you can't put a bandaid on it. stayed home from work today to watch Madi (Pissed off boss)Relized part way through the day as the cut on her head appears quite deep -probally shouls have had stiches. Spent the day spoiling her. tonight was her dinner night with Dad came home and head is really sore again-Apperently his mom who is more of an idot than he his decided to smack Madi in the back of her head where the cut is for touching something ( im beyond pissed) now her head is bleeding again.
But on an up note I got to spend all day at home with my baby girl!!!Sick days really are the best thing in the world. we lounged in our jammies, picked up mcdonalds for breakfast went to micheals craft store got crafts (great cheap kids xmas crafts!)finished decorating christmas tree watched movies and just hung out with no set schedule which is a very rare thing in our lives.
The rest of the week is as follows-wednesday-still debating sending her to school-Thursday my parent observation day in her class, speech therapy, friday picture re-take day (my funny little girl thought it would be funny to make silly faces for her school pictures-I on the other hand didn't think it as funny) , work and play date after, saturday santa parade and hanging christmas lights ---acordingto madi i'm going to climb the huge tree in front of our house to hang thenm Im not to sure. Next weekend were taking Madi to Rob's work Christmans party at Missisauga convention center, lunch with santa , presents crafts games ice sculptures, indoor bounce castle etc.. weekend after that to a christmas concert pretty much every weekend there's christmas stuff from now till christmas.


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