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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Our crazy weekend... have i mentioned before the amount of busy we are4 constantly?Here's an overview of or weekend(just for you heather)
It started out on friday with octoberfest starting I waitress in a bar and grill about 5 minutes away from downtown kitchener where it all happens so I am usally done around 2:30 in the afternoon this day i ended up having to leave a message on Rob's cell" when your done work at 5 can you pick madi up at her sitters and watch her and put her to bed I'll be late" so he did and brought her in to work to have dinner and see me , she had a blast cloring with my boss trying on ocktoberfest clothing entertaing all the patrons as a 4 year old would... Saturday i had to open the bar at work Got up ay 6am(mind you I didnt get done till after midnight on fri) quick showerwake rob up give the Madi instructions fro the day. and off to work for a crazy day.
Their day consisted of out for breakfest , visiting people, a trip to their favorite secret park( i'm not allowed there) and a nap and dinner, I think they skipped lunch ( but it was on the list I left!)
I finshed work at 5:30 rushed home and we went to the rockton fair
Watched a dog talent show, crash up derby (madi's fav.) ran into madi's friend from kindergarten the girls went on tons of rides (will post pics when I get them) pony rdie played games won Dollar store prizes for about 10 bucks each!!won 3 gold fish to go in our tank, still not sure how humane it is to give live fish as prizes ate fair food( which was my breakfast lunch and dinner) and home bed around 12.
Sun woke up groceries cleaning cooked our routine sun breakfast , eggs, pancakes french toast bacon fruit--- it usally ends up being brunch!! madi and i bked an apple pie together(now I need to re clean again!) and dinner at my parents, tomorrow oktoberfest parad, bingamens to see dora and deigo and play at funworks and dinner at rob's parent , madi's dad wants to see her too so we have to fit that in ..,maybe...


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