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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Today I volunteered on madi's first feild trip. her class went to an apple orchard, or as madi would put it her trip to the "apple torture". It was great very wet but great. We woke up and it was pouring rain so we thought the trip would be cancelled, but luckily it was still on. it was a weird feeling seeing her get on her first school bus ride, the kids were all very excited, (parents follwed in their own cars), my group consisted of madi and two friends , then another little girl decided she wanted to be in our group. it's amazing watching the kids interact with eachother. in the end Madi didn't want to take the bus back she didnt like it --too bumpy so I drove her back. The first month of school is done and time is flying by.
We have swimming on tuesdays , dance on wednesdays, thursdays I volunteer in her class, thurs nights madi goes to her dad's the winter session for gymnastics and skating lessons is staring soon so we are crazy busy never mind working cleaning cooking being a parent and a person there;s not much time left. Our custody trail starts in 2 weeks so Im spending many full days at my lawyers being preped, and working all kinds of odd shifts to make up for those days.
they say the younger years fly by and they do you have a baby and all of a sudden she's almost 5, in what seems like no time!
This weekend we have the rockton fair-- dog show, crash up derby , trip to yee haw halloween farm and the octoberfest parade, and 2 thanksgiving dinners and a play date pizza party at one of madi's new friends houses. never mind whatever else comes up this weekend . amazing how busy a 4 1/2 year old's social calender can be!!


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